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Garden Maintenance

All forms of garden maintenance are undertaken, from  country gardens with large amounts of perennials to small city / new build gardens that just require keeping on top of. 


 I’ve trained at Reaseheath College to a recognised level with the RHS.  With over a decade of experience working within a horticultural role or environment across many countries worldwide.


Gardening duties can include; general weeding, leaf raking, pruning of all types of plants and trees (including top and soft fruits) hedging, tree and branch removal, designing, planting, vegetable gardening and a green waste disposal service.

 Garden maintenance is fully booked at present but it is always a good idea to call anyway to see if I can help.

Even though I’m fully booked for maintenance, there are one off jobs that I may be able to do.

For instance, hedge cutting quotes can sometimes be squeezed in around my other commitments, if a small tree needs taking out or one off green waste collections for disposal. It’s always worth a try, I might have a customer away on holiday that week, you never know.


Sometimes I can redirect you to somone else I know in the business, although no guarantees can be made.

Green waste disposal

Green waste is generally left with the customer by using the green bin that the council provide, or if a rural address, there is usually a designated area within the garden allocated for burning or composting.


In the case where the waste becomes too much or isn't ideal for composting, a service to remove the waste can be arranged.


Waste is generally collected up into bulk bags, no litter and no stones to be added and I don't take bags filled with just soil.


Examples of ideal waste are hedge cuttings, leaves, tree and branch removal etc. Where there is a large amount of waste, a quoted van load price can be arranged.


The waste is taken away and disposed of in the greenest way I can think imaginable.  It is stored in large mounds and then is broken down again and again using very large industrial machinery. This eventually breaks the waste down into a re-usable state.


The owner of this facility is able to use it on his fields as a compost for crops. In addition, some of the waste is used for green furnaces to generate energy that gets put back into the grid - now that's what I call green!


Remember, the hiring of skips can be very costly, especially if it is just green waste you need to get rid of. Large skips can cost around £185. Our green waste removal service will save you money, time and no additional effort in filling the skip up. Simply, the waste is there, you pay, it's taken away without the sweat and tears!





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