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Rediscover the great outdoors with a lush green lawn - Life is better lived outside

The lawn you want starts here. Let Just Lawns

LawnService create a treatment program specifically

tailored to your lawn’s own needs and challenges.

Every time we visit, we're creating thicker, greener lawns.

Which means we guarantee we can do the same for yours.




We apply one treatment in the spring, two in the summer

and one more later in the year. A schedule is arranged to

keep your treatments up to date and on time.  We are not

a franchise so there is no middle man to pay.



Fully licenced at Reaseheath college to provide a legal and safe service, with a full understanding of the products sold.  Our chemicals are not available to the amatuer and cannot be purchased from the garden centre.


Our treatments are pet and child safe but we do ask you to keep pets and children off treated areas for a few hours after the treatment has been put down.

The Treatments explained
Spring Treatment


Spring is the first treatment of the year. Lawns can be looking  pale and deflated from the winter months.  We introduce a high Nitrogen fertiliser to boost colour and growth, and also mix in a Selective weed killer, tailored specifically to kill the weeds growing in your lawn



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Early summer treatment


Summer the time when the outdoors really begins to become a priority.  It’s time to use a second treatment to provide ongoing support for your lawn.  Our fertiliser is tailored more resistant to higher temperatures.  We also continue to fight against any new weeds that have emerged with our selective weed killer



Late summer treatment


We continue to keep your lawn looking weed free, vibrant and green through the time when it is most important.  The fertiliser is again tailored to cope with the summer conditions. Having a consistent feed throughout the summer period is vital to give your lawn the nutrients and protection to really it show off



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Autumn Treatment


Autumn the last time to help preserve and protect your lawn.  We alter our fertiliser to harden the grass and improve root vitality. The wetter damper conditions help moss spores as they thrive in these conditions.  Our autumn feed is specifically tailored to help reduce the moss to a lesser degree

Pre scaraify Treatment


An optional extra service for lawns that are to be scarified.  We use a high iron formula to break down and blacken any active moss spores.  Thus making scarification more effective and less stressfull for your lawn. There is also a micro nutrient feed to help stimulate the recovery of your lawn.

Drive, path and patio treaments


Weeds in drives and paths can be a real nuisance and make your home look untidy and unloved.  Weeding by hand is labour intensive and less effective as you don't always get the root completely out.  Our total weed killer will vamp your hard surface surroundings in one quick treatment.

Scarifying your lawn

Scarification is essential to keeping your lawn in peak condition.  This is an extra service provided by Just lawns. Timing of scarification is key as your lawn will undergo a lot of stress and will need time to recover. This can only be applied when the lawn is actively growing. Ideal times are early spring and autumn.   This ensures the lawn's recovery and that you have a lawn for the summer when you need it looking great the most.


We offer this service as a one off, annual or biannual programme.

What is scarifying - 


Lawn scarifiers use steel blades to cut out thatch; hence it is also known as de-thatching. In machines these will rotate whilst manual tools like the rolling lawn scarifier will not.


Lawn thatch by its very nature is removed more easily by this cutting action and the result is a firmer lawn that allows the passage of air, nutrients and water easily into it. Take scarifying a step further by letting the scarifier blades cut into the soil and you will open the soil surface and make an ideal seed bed for introducing new grass seed to your lawn.


The blades also ‘prune’ the grass plants because it cuts them downwards rather than cross cutting as in mowing. This pruning, just like pruning a bush or plant causes extra shoots to grow thus thickening the turf.



Moss will also be removed. A post treatment will make this process less stressful and more effective. Removing the moss when it is treated makes it come away quite easily. This means pulling or ripping the moss out rather than cutting it out. This also helps remove dead brown grass that has accumulated through drought or when lawns have been let go.


The Process is very stressful on the lawn and may make your lawn less attractive for a short period of time. Depending on levels of moss in your lawn and thickness of your thatch it is key to speed up the recovery of your lawn.  The average lawn can take between 4-8 weeks to fully come back.  When it does, you will have a moss free, lush and healthy lawn that you will be proud to show off to your neighbours and friends.


Please note, lawns that are predominantly mossy or have high levels of moss may be subject to topdressing and reseeding. Which can be discussed in detail when an analysis is completed.

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